Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Another May Birthday card and OOPS! a March card too

Creating cards using the collage technique is one of my favorite ways of creating cards.  I think it is especially effective when trying to make a masculine card like the one below that I created for my nephew.

I used Stampin' Up Clockworks and Gorgeous Grunge stamps to create most of the collage background look

Okay, I forgot to post the March birthday card.  How, I don't know as it is one of my favorites that I have made.  I liked it so much I redesigned it and used it in the class I taught in August.  Watch for how I changed it up later.
I made this card for my sister.  Daisies are her favorite flower
and so her birthday card is made with daisies.  And I love butterflies
so they are a part of the card as well. 
I used the Big Shot to emboss the bright yellow cardstock with
Stampin' Up Petals-A-Plenty embossing folder.  This is done
on the front of the card and then inside as well.

More and more I use liners in my envelopes.  I think it
makes the card more elegant and cohesive.

Now, the card and front of the envelope together.
The Daisies are from K & C Company

I hope you enjoyed this catch-up post and are inspired to
make your own cards.

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