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Pear and Asian Themes

Triple Pear Card

Triple Pear Card and front of Envelope

Triple Pear Card back of card and back flap of the envelope

I really like this pear stamp set from .  I made these for my friend Angela as part of two note card sets.  The first set is the Pear set.  On the card I stamped the Pear words stamp on the white cardstock with Stampin Up Crumb Cake ink.  Then using Stampin Up Early Espresso ink I stamped the outline and branches of the pears.  I then colored in the pears and leaves.  I sponged the color on the pears to create a more realistic look to the pears. The white card front is then layered on a yellow card stock and then put on a green card.  I stamped a single pear on the front of the envelope and all three pears on the back flap of the envelope in Stampin Up Crumb Cake ink.

Second Pear card for the note card set.

Pear Collage Card and front of the envelope

Pear Collage card

Inside of the Pear Collage Card

I wanted to have these two cards have some things in common while still being unique and stand alone cards.  I used the same yellow card stock and Stampin Up Crumb Cake ink to tie the cards together.  I wanted a layered look with a collage pear background.  The card and two of the layers were a gray brown paper from Bazzil.

Two Women Asian Card - the first of the Asian Theme note card set.

Two Women Asian card front

Left side (middle) of Two Women Asian card

Top Right of Two Women Asian card

Lower Right of Two Women Asian card

Full card front of Two Women Asian card

I had noticed that  my friend had a number of Asian prints in her office.  When I asked her about them, she said she had been attracted to the style and beauty of the art.  She also liked the Japanese theme and colors.  I really like to make cards with a person in mind.  I get joy out of giving people something that makes them smile and want to keep it as a  remembrance.

All the cards in this set are done in a Japanese style of card making that I learned in a class.  I learned about breaking the card into thirds based on Heaven being in the higher third and often the focal point of the card,  Earth sits in the middle third of the card with the wish for the spiritual life in the lower third of the card.  Sometimes I shift things around and I didn't do that with this card.  The other part of this style is that the elements of the card should take you in a full circle either beginning or ending with the focal point.

 Asian Fan Card

Asian Fan card front view

Middle to Lower Asian Fan card

 Upper Right of Asian Fan card

Asian Crane card - I shifted the three levels up in the card; the spiritual wish is in the upper third, Heaven in the middle third, and Earth in the Lower third of the card.

Front of Asian Crane card

Upper Third of Asian Crane card

Middle to Lower Third of Asian Crane card

Lotus Geisha Women Asian card -  This card stayed in the traditional thirds of the Japanese style with the stone representing balance between Ying and Yang.

Front of Lotus Geisha Women Asian card

Upper third of the Lotus Geisha Women Asian card

Lower third of the Lotus Geisha Women Asian card

Full view of the Lotus Geisha Women Asian card

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