Monday, January 6, 2014


Today when I was on Pinterest I saw a Tri-fold Shutter card done with Stampscapes.  It was beautiful.  One of the first classes I ever took was from Ken the creator and owner of Stampscapes.  I felt like my life was opened to a whole new way of being creative.  I could bring my love of nature to my cards by creating beautiful landscapes.   There was a time when I did a lot of Stampscape cards and now it is only occasionally.  I have been watching more of Ken's video's on You Tube and am thinking of doing more of these cards.  I am thinking about doing one for Christmas 2014.  Yes, I am crazy and I am already thinking about Christmas cards.  Keep your eyes pealed.

Then I explored more Tri-fold shutter cards on Pinterest and You Tube.  It seems these were popular a few years back.  I still think they are fun and very unique.  I am thinking of making my niece one for her birthday in February.

So many ideas, I better get started creating and spreading the joy.

Joyous and creative blessings,


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