Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Variations on Stampin Up 2012 Holiday Ornament

I have wanted to make the Stampin Up 2012 Holiday Ornament for over a year.  I finally was able to do it in 2013.  I made a number of the ornaments and I want to warn you, you need a lot of lead time to do this.  I also wanted to be creative and make each one a little different.  So you will see posted below the different styles I used and this is only a few of them.  So, if you decide to make these, be creative and let your imagination soar.
This first ornament is made with Wisteria large ornaments and Silver Pearl small ornaments.  I added cut up Christmas picks in silver to give it a different look.  You can also change the rosette paper and the accessory on top of the rosette.  This one was for my sister because she loves all shades of  purple.

This ornament was made with embossed Silver large ornaments and embossed with Opal Black small ornaments.  It is perfect for someone who likes a simple, modern design in their home and for the holidays.  Again I used cut up silver Christmas picks to accessorize.  This one was made for my nephew and his family.

The third ornament is more basic with no additional accessories added in.  The large ornament is Island Indigo and the small ornament is embossed Silver.  This is my favorite combination of colors.

Another Wisteria and Silver Pearl without the additional accessories.  It is still beautiful and I love the soft color combination.

This ornament is closer to the original 2012 Holiday Ornament.  The large ornament is Old Olive and the small ornament is Cherry Cobbler.  I made a number of the original as I do like it and think it is beautiful.  Many people do like the traditional Christmas colors.

This is another of the Island Indigo and embossed Silver Holiday ornament with cut up Christmas picks.  This one is bright and cheery.  I made it for another of my nephews and his wife.  It is their first Christmas.  I used silver toile on this ornament rather than white.

Can you tell I really like this combination.  I hope you find a fun color combination that you really like.

I made this one for my niece to go with her Christmas tree that is decorated in silver, black and red.  It is beautiful and this is a nice addition to her tree.  The large ornament is embossed Silver and the small ornament is embossed Opal Black.  The rosette adds with a pop of red and I cut up long silver trim as the accessory.

Again the traditional ornament with a different rosette, green this time.  I also made one of these with green toile instead of the red.

This is another take on the purple and silver theme.  The large ornament is embossed Silver and the small ornament is Eggplant.  A reverse of the other purple ornament.  It was so much fun making all the different ornaments.  Each one had a different rosette to distinguish it from the other ornaments that were in the same colors.

Okay, did I say I really like the Island Indigo and Silver ornament?  Yes, I do.  Here is another different look with a blue and green rosette.  It pops and gives the ornament a different look.

Here is one more of the traditional Red and Green holiday ornament so you can see how the rosette makes a difference.  Some people will want to use the same paper and I did think about that.  My problem is that I couldn't make up my mind which paper I liked best.  So, I used different ones on each ornament.

I hope you enjoyed seeing the different ways to make the 2012 Stampin Up Holiday Ornament.  Maybe you will be inspired to make some of your own next year.  There are many You Tube Videos out there with directions.  Catherine Pooler's and Chic-N-Scratch are two of the best.

I'm thinking of creating new and different ornaments for next year or maybe for different holidays.  I will share with you if I do.  I hope you will share what you have done with me.

Joyful & Creative blessings,


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