Thursday, January 16, 2014

January Birthday Cards

Hey, I didn't disappear and I have been busy.  I have made some birthday cards, have designed and planned for a couple more cards.  And I am working on a springtime tag set.  I will post all that I do.

I am also taking a Writing as a Spiritual Practice class and it is inspiring me in many different ways.  Last night as I left my house, I looked in the sky and there was the full moon shining brightly with some wispy clouds behind it.  It was incredible.  I made a sketch before class started and hope to recreate the beauty using Stampscapes.  More to come soon.

Here are the three birthday cards I made earlier this week.

The first two cards were in a monochromatic theme.  I also used Anna Griffin paper for both cards.  I have loved Anna's paper for years.  She is an amazing artist and I love the color and botanical feel.  These are both older papers from my stash.  The Happy Birthday stamp is also Anna Griffin.  I used Stampin Up Wisteria Wonder ink on this first card.  I used Stampin Up Elegant and Itty Bitty butterfly punches.

The card and front of the envelope. 

Close up on the envelope.  I did put a liner in the envelope and didn't have a good photo of that.  It was Anna Griffin paper again.

I actually made this green card first.  I was inspired by the friend I was making it for.  She is a gardener and so I wanted to make the card floral.  Initially I was going to make the card in shades of green and purple.  I just couldn't come up with the right combination.  So, I said, "Why not go the monochromatic route?"   And so I did and made one green and one purple card.   Again, I used Anna Griffin botanical prints and stamps.  I used Stampin Up Old Olive ink.  Again, the Stampin Up butterfly punches.  I used two different stamps for the inside of the card shown below.



Here is card and front of the envelope which is different from the purple envelope.  I do like the purple envelope the best.  I would have stamped a second time on this one to cover the whole left side of the envelope.  Still it is pretty and gives you options.
Below is the front of the envelope and then the lined envelope.  I think lining an envelope adds class and a special touch.  I don't do it on all my cards and I do it on most of them.



This is the inside of the card.  I love this saying by Helen Keller.

This is the card and now you can see the Happy Birthday on the front of the card.  Here is the front of the envelope too.

Another view of the front of the envelope and the underline is gone.  Who knows why.

I lined the envelope with the same paper I used on the front of the card.  I like to do this if I have enough paper.  I really like this paper set and so have three sets of all the papers.

 I hope you have enjoyed these three cards and they have inspired you to create your own.  Enjoy!

Joyous and creative blessings,


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