Thursday, January 9, 2014

More time on the computer being inspired

So, yesterday and today I have spent time watching You Tube videos on how to use Ranger's Alcohol Inks by Tim Holtz and other techniques.  Mostly Alcohol Inks...  I had forgotten the technique I learned in the early 2000's of how to use any ink, alcohol and cotton balls.  You took a cotton ball put a little alcohol on it, then added drops of ink (single color or more) on the cotton ball.  Then on glossy cardstock you would swirl the cotton ball and get beautiful background paper.  Now, you do this without the cotton ball.  I love this technique and forgot how much.  There are some artists who have taken it to a new level.  Judy Rollins in particular.  She is amazing.  I want to get her book or DVD's.

I want to share a wonderful memory about the time I learned the cotton ball technique.  My sister, her daughter and husband and their two oldest boys had come to visit me in CA.  My sister, niece and I were signed up for a weekend DaNami workshop in Medford, OR at Stampstruck.  My niece's husband and the boys were on their own.  We learned the cotton ball technique at the workshop.  We came back home and immediately went out and bought alcohol and cotton balls.  Then went to my kitchen table and started making all different colored background paper.  The two boys thought it looked cool and so they made background paper as well.  It was such a fun, spontaneous project.  It is a memory I cherish.  May you also have many creative and loving memories like this.

Joyous and creative blessings,


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